Team-IevaOutside the Jar is natural and environmentally friendly skincare formulated to help you maximize your well-being and that of the world around you. It started of as a hobby. I took a class while visiting in Lithuania, found it interesting, and started experimenting with various ingredients with very interesting results.

As a brand new mum, I had quite a need to investigate every single skin product available and, to my dismay, found a myriad of crazy ingredients in beautiful packages.

I must say, I have little background in chemistry, but, a curious mind and energy of a two-year-old and, after months of research and experimentation, I ended up with a few solid products tested and re-tested by my patient friends. I can’t say whatever urged me to take them to the neighbourhood natural store, and, more importantly, whatever made the manager to accept them. Gladly!

It has been ten years. It just happens, people love them! It may have to do with few yet powerful ingredients, good formulas, and, perhaps, the attention, care, and love that each and everyone contains. Afterall, I do make them all by hand, as needed, only one or two at a time: hold it in my hand, smell, check, blend, and relish the result.  And I do sincerely hope that the customer will enjoy it as much. Hence, Outside the Jar was born. Packaging aside  (although, I must say, I’m rather pleased with it) it does exactly what it should without any unnecessary chemicals or posh labels.

I also know, that far more folk are aware of the plethora of chemicals floating about. According to Environmental working group, an average woman applies more than 120 chemicals to her skin every day. Apparently, cosmetics are not nearly as rigidly regulated as food thus consumers are left to make educated choices on their own. I, myself, have found  the Skin Deep website helpful, if you have doubts about any ingredients, check it out: https://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com.

More so than ever, I realize that there is no magical synthetic substitute to a healthy lifestyle and whole, natural products. Outside the Jar is not the only skin care line dedicated to the traditional bodycare, however it is unique for its super simple, synergistic formulas safe and effective for the entire family. And, they are really made by hand. One by one.


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